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Roofing / Repair

Commercial Roofing
We are a well known locally operated shop with many satisfied customers and many years of experience, specializing in the Duro-Last© Commercial Roofing System. Reasonable prices and a Top Notch job.
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Residential Roofing
We have probably done the roof of a neighbor not too far from you. We make very sure you are happy with the performance of our crew, and that you are completely satisfied with your new roof. We know how important a good job is for a single family home and at RC CONSTRUCTION LLC we believe you are our best reference.

RCA CONSTRUCTION LLC ,we inspect, install, warrant and service your roof – all from a convenient Single Source! All roofs are installed exclusively by RCA CONSTRUCTION LLC crews.

Complete Re-roofs
RCA CONSTRUCTION LLC specializes in providing complete re-roof installation, including removal of old roof, installation of a variety of roofing systems (see our Photo Gallery for some samples of our work), skylights, gutters, and masonry repair.

Repairs Maintenance
RCA CONSTRUCTION LLC provides a Maintenance Patch & Repair Program that helps to extend the life of the existing roof. Our crews are trained to work on any type of roof system.

Traditional skylights can be found everywhere in our architectural environment. They are found on flat roofs and pitched roofs; anywhere where free, abundant light is desired. Traditional skylights can be made of many materials, but are most likely made of acrylic plastic or safety glass. They have metal frames which can be aluminum, steel, or occasionally copper. RCA CONSTRUCTION LLC, we are experienced in the installation, maintenance and repair of a variety of skylight styles.

RCA CONSTRUCTION LLC is an expert in both residential and commercial gutter installation and can service all your gutter needs. Our trained gutter installers are experienced in the proper installation of all gutter applications.
Carpentry / Masonry/Chimney Work
We have extensive experience in the carpentry needs to complete your replacement roofing system. From rafters to eaves, RCA CONSTRUCTION LLC is your single-source contractor. And mansory  Chimney Work
Certified Duro-Last Techs
We are trained experts with the
Duro-Last© Commercial Roofing System.
If you have a large commercial roof that needs the latest in tight, waterproof, membrane installation
we have the experience, tools, and Certification
to do it right!

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We are professionally trained in the proper techniques for installing the Duro-Last Commercial Roofing System©. We are proud to say that we recieved very high scores on our evaluations. When we do a Duro-Last Roof we use our training and do it right!

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• Metal
• Asphalt Composition
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